sign with the word choices and arrowsDo you ever think about how many choices you make a day? Stop and think about it for a minute. We make many, many choices in a day, but we are not always aware of them.

  • Did you hit snooze this morning or get right up?
  • Did you make your bed?
  • What did you eat for breakfast?

Many times I hear my clients say, “I didn’t have the choice to hit snooze, because I would have been late for work.” Well, you did have the choice, and you chose to get to work on time instead of sleeping in an extra 10 minutes.

You have control over your thoughts and can choose what you think about throughout the day.

  • If you find you are an anxious person, most of your thoughts may revolve around worrying and asking yourself the famous “what if questions.”
  • If you find yourself sad and depressed most of the time, your thoughts will most likely be more negative and possibly unhappy about your past and/or current situation.

Being aware of your thoughts is so important when trying to control your mood. If your thoughts are negative and you find yourself often putting yourself down, how do you expect to feel happy?

Now I’m sure you are saying something along the lines of: “How do I control what I am thinking about? I don’t choose to think negatively or I don’t choose to worry, it just happens.” Or maybe you are thinking: “It’s impossible to be happy with the situation I’m in.”

Life is not perfect, and sometimes are harder than others, but we always have choices, even about the way we react and view things. If you’ve never had to do it before, being aware of what you are thinking and being able to control your thinking is not easy. However, I can promise you it is not impossible. I have taught numerous clients how to become aware of, challenge, and change their thought patterns in order to live a happier, more satisfying life.

If you feel like your mind gets the best of you and you are struggling with anxious and/or negative thinking, I can help you! Everyone deserves to live a happy life, and if you feel your thoughts are stopping you from doing so, call me today so we can begin to help you to make better choices.